Terms of Use

Please note these very important items as they will answer most all questions and provide critical information regarding policies and TERMS OF USE set forth by LILIE, LLC.

  • LILIE requires a nonrefundable but entirely transferable $50 deposit for each course. Kindly email registrations@lilieonline.com if you need to withdraw from a course and apply to future course or hold until further notice.
  • Participants enrolled in the course(s) must make scholarly, instruction based postings a minimum of 4 times a week with posting being dispersed throughout the week as to facilitate timely and productive "conversations" amongst participants. In addition, 2 "peer comment" posts are also required. LILIE, LLC is committed to assuring that enrollees fully participate in and receive the educational benefits provided through the course. These enrollee postings must be made, in total, six times each week, in separate sessions.
  • Registering for the course(s) commits you to the strictly enforced requirement of a minimum of 6 postings dispersed throughout the week. Failure to do the minimum postings, on time, will automatically drop you from the course(s) with no refund. You may not be notified regarding lack of compliance and possible dropping from course. It is the responsibility of the enrollee to meet all requirements of the course.
  • Enrollees will be required to submit a detailed course reflection sheet documenting at least 36 to 45 hours of course work depending on course requirements, including discussion board posts, and will be required to apply information and strategies acquired from the course content to weekly classroom instruction. LILIE reflection sheets will not be accepted after one month of course closing and will constitute a forfeiture of course completion certificate. Those taking courses for P-credit must submit reflection sheets on time for ASPDP to confirm completion of course and awarded p-credits. Attempts to falsify reflection sheets or discussion board entries will result in denial of credit and a report to the participant's employer.
  • Balances for in-service courses will be paid in full, as well as reflection sheets received, by close of course. Delays will result in denial of credit or a several week delay in receipt of course completion certificate or awarded p-credit (NYC only). If using a credit card/debit card, it will be automatically billed during course for remaining balance unless balance has been paid earlier.
  • In-service course certificates or /p-credit award (NYC) takes approx. 2 weeks to receive provided all course work and reflection sheets have been successfully completed.
  • A sealed, official transcript, must be requested by the individual student and is often required by districts as proof of completion of graduate course. To obtain a sealed, official transcript, you will need to follow the link provided at http://www.lilieonline.com/graduate-courses-information.php Directions are also posting by LILIE during week 4.
  • Various district administrations do have access to view our online discussion boards, reflection sheets, course work and alike and may request such information. Registering for the course(s) acknowledges you understand all of the above and consent.
  • To be eligible for NYC DOE P-credits for these courses, participants must FIRST register and pay an ASPDP fee directly through ASPDP. Participants must visit http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/ASPDP to complete the registration; participants will either create an account or log on to their existing ASPDP account, then choose the "Enroll & Pay for Courses" link. Any participant who does not complete this enrollment process on the ASPDP website by the registration close date will not be eligible for P-credits. Please contact ASPDP at ASPDP@schools.nyc.gov should you need more information. Be advised that NYC ASPDP teachers also have a 12 credit limit per session.

    NYC teachers are welcome to take graduate courses if they wish. However, in order to be awarded P-credits, they must also register for the course with ASPDP
  • Your registration and participation in LILIE, LLC courses acknowledges you both understand and consent to all of the above stated directives, information and Terms of Use.