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A Message from the Long Island Institute for Educators:

Educators today are under tremendous pressure. Federal, state, and local state standards—as well as school report cards and media commentary—have become critical components in the school community. The Long Island Learning Institute for Educators, LLC is an organization that was founded by practicing teachers who face the same 21st century challenges as those who enroll in our courses. LILIE was formed to be an educator's tool to meet the challenges of ensuring student success. LILIE courses are designed to complement professional development plans, district strategic plans, and the current educational issues of all involved in the educating of our youth. We pride ourselves on providing meaningful courses that are realistically applicable and beneficial in the classroom. It is our goal that each teacher who participates in our classes exits with a practical knowledge and new teaching insights and/or methods that can be successfully applied to his or her classroom.


"I had never taken an online course and was pleasantly surprised to have learned so much. It was so convenient to be able to interact with my colleagues at any time during my busy schedule. I hope to take more classes like these!"

- Middle Country SD Educator

"I enjoyed the courses I have taken very much. I found the instructor to be very well versed and informative in his field. The information from this course will come in very handy for this school year and many to follow. Thanks!"

- Central Islip SD Educator

"The course I took has been very helpful and informative. I developed many lessons that will be used this upcoming year. The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable."

- Brentwood SD Educator

"I love being part of a virtual classroom that teachers can talk back and forth like a regular class without the inconvenience of actually having to drive somewhere at a specific time."

- Three Village SD Educator

"I loved this course... it was so informative... I'm looking forward to future courses."

- West Islip Educator