Registration & Tuition

3-credit in-service course is $270.

Each "P-credit" in-service course (NYC teachers only) is $243.

No other additional discounts may be applied to this already discounted ASPDP rate.

If you register for 2 or more in-service teacher professional development courses, take 10% off each in-service course. The discounted price is then $243 (This does not apply to ESBOCES since they get a discounted price as a member of ESBOCES Model Schools, nor does it apply to NYC/ASPDP registrations since they already receive a discounted rate of $243 for all courses.) A minimum of a $50 deposit per course is required. The 10% discount is only applicable at time of registration and there MUST be at least 2 courses for which you are simultaneously registering for. If you would like to sign up for more than 5 courses, you may fill out the registration form more than once.
Please note: If the incorrect deposit amount is entered LILIE will make adjustments, $50 is required for each course being taken.

NYC teachers are welcome to take graduate courses if they wish. However, in order to be awarded P-credits, they must also register for the course with ASPDP.

Each GRADUATE course is $525 and must be paid in full before the start of the course.

Graduate courses are offered through both Manhattan College and The University of Massachusetts Global. Please pay special attention to which college each graduate course is offered through when registering. The name of the college offering the course can be found on both the online brochure, graduate course information page, and next to the name of the course on the registration list.

Refunds or cancellations cannot be accepted for graduate courses or NYS coaching certificate courses.

NYS Approved Online Coaching Courses are each $295.
(Coaching courses can only be taken as in-service credits.)

If you have a spam filter on your computer please check that folder for emails from LILIE as they may be automatically sent to that location.

  • Participants enrolled in the course(s) must make scholarly, instruction-based postings a minimum of 4 times a week with postings being dispersed throughout the week to facilitate timely and productive "conversations" amongst teachers. In addition, 2 "peer comment" posts are required.
  • Registering for the course(s) commits you to this requirement of a minimum of 6 postings per week. Failure to do the minimum postings, on time, will automatically drop you from the course(s) with no refund. You may not be notified regarding lack of compliance and possible dropping from the course. It is the responsibility of the enrollee to meet all requirements and criteria.
  • Detailed and thoughtful electronic course reflection sheets must be completed and submitted by the close of the 4th week of instruction, attesting to the completion of course hours and assignments. LILIE reflection sheets will not be accepted after one month of course closing and will constitute a forfeiture of the course completion certificate. Those taking courses for P-credit must submit reflection sheets on time for ASPDP to confirm completion of course.
  • Balances for in-service courses will be paid in full, as well as reflection sheets received, by the close of the course. Delays will result in denial of credit or a several week delay in receipt of certificates. If you're using a credit card/debit card, it will be automatically billed during course for any remaining balance unless the balance has been paid earlier. If only a deposit is provided at the time of registration for graduate course, course(s) balances will be automatically billed before the start the of course.
  • In-service course certificates take approximately 2 weeks to receive, provided all course work and reflection sheets have been successfully completed.
  • A sealed official transcript must be requested by the individual student, however the sealed official transcript that may be required by your district as proof of completion of graduate courses is a separate mailing. You will need to follow the links provided here and directions are also posted by LILIE during week 4.
  • Various district administrations do have access to view our online discussion boards, reflection sheets, course work and alike, and may request such information. Registering for the course(s) acknowledges you understand all of the above and consent.
  • LILIE, LLC is committed to assuring that enrollees fully participate in and receive the educational benefits given by the course. Enrollees must demonstrate participation by making detailed postings designed to foster dialogue among colleagues and instructors. These enrollee postings must be made four times each week in separate sessions. Enrollees will be required to submit a detailed course reflection sheet documenting at least 36 to 45 hours of course work, depending on course requirements—including discussion board posts—and will be required to apply information and strategies acquired from the course content to weekly classroom instruction. Attempts to falsify reflection sheets or discussion board entries will result in denial of credit and a report to the enrollee's employer.