Do I need to buy any additional materials before I start a course?

No, all materials are included in your course fee. All readings and materials will be online and given during the first day of the course.

How do I contact LILIE?

If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ section, you can email us anytime at questions@lilieonline.com or call our office at 631-696-5454. Our mailing address is LILIE PO Box 634 Stony Brook, NY 11790

How do I get CTLE hours for the course I have completed?

The new 100-hour CTLE requirement officially begins on July 1, 2016 for holders of professional certificates in the Classroom Teaching and Educational Leadership Service and Level III teaching assistants.

As you may know LILIE is now an approved sponsor of CTLE as of July 2016. In order to receive CTLE credit, you will need to complete the State Education Department form. This form can be downloaded at: http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/pdf/CTLE%20Certificate%20of%20Completion%20Form.pdf

The class participant will complete Section I and LILIE will complete Section II and III when you provide us with your form. The completed form will be returned to you for your records.

You can fill it out electronically and save it. Then email it to questions@lilieonline.com and we will return it to you with Section II and III filled out.

If you have trouble filling it out electronically, you can also print the form and fill it out by hand.

What is the deadline to register for a course?

If you are a NYC teacher you must register with ASPDP before the 1st of the month otherwise they will not allow you to take the course. After registering with ASPDP, you will be given directions to register on our website.

All other teachers can register on our website up until the 3rd of the month. After the 3rd all registration is closed on our website.

I forgot my login and password. What do I do?

If you misplaced your registration email, or did not receive it (sometimes check your spam folder), you can use your email address as your login name and your phone number—including area code—as your password. If that still doesn't work, please email us at questions@lilieonline.com

How long do LILIE classes run for?

All LILIE courses begin on the 1st of the month that they are scheduled to run in the catalog. They all run for 4 weeks on the online discussion board and the last day to post is the 28th of the month. Grad students have an extra week to send in their grad assignment after the conclusion of the course.

How much do LILIE courses cost?

In-service courses are $270 for 3 credits. If you register for more than 1 course, you receive a 10% discount and each course is $243.

P-Credit courses (NYC teachers only) are $243 for 3 P-Credits.

Graduate courses are $525 for 3 graduate credits (no discounts apply to graduate courses)

Coaching Courses are $295 each and if you want to take them for 3 grad credits, they are $525 each (no discounts apply to coaching courses).

How do I login and post?

Once you receive your login and password go to our homepage at www.lilieonline.com and click on the top of the page that says, "Registered students click her to login". Enter you login and password. You will then be taken to a list of our courses. You should see a "go to postings" link next to the course(s) you registered for. Click on "go to postings" and it will take you to the class discussion board. Scroll down to see the first set of postings and work your way up to the most recent posts.

To add a post, click on the green button at the top of the discussion board that says "add new post". Type your post in the white box and click "save". This will add your posting to the discussion board. You will see an "edit" button next to all your postings in case you decide to edit any of your posts.

If you would like to make a "comment post" to a classmates posting, just click on the blue button that says, "Add comment to this post". Type your comment and hit save, and you will see it appear under your classmates posting.

Do I have to login at specific times or days of the week?

There are no specific days or times that you must login or post. We do ask that you remember that you must post a minimum of 6 times per week. Even though we do not require you to post any specific days or time, please spread your posts throughout the week. Posts that are not spread out, will not count toward your minimum post requirement.

How do I pay my balance if I didn't pay in full during registration?

If you left a deposit during registration, your card will automatically be billed the balance during the second week of the course. If you do not want to use the same card, or want to mail in a check for the balance, just email jennyp@Lilieonline.com before the second half of the course to make alternative arrangements.

What will I receive at the end of the course to prove I complete my class?

If you took the class for in-service credit, you will receive a certificate of completion after the course ends.

If you took the course for grad credit, you will need to order an official transcript from the college. Go to http://www.lilieonline.com/graduate-courses-information.php for more details.

If you are a NYC teacher, you will receive your P-Credit directly in your ASPDP account. There, you will also be able to print out a transcript.

How do I register for a course?

Click on register electronically on our homepage and fill out the registration form. Once you submit it, you will receive a registration confirmation email. This email is your receipt and will also have your login and password to begin the course.