Click Here to Open Word Version of LILIE Course Reflection Sheet




We have changed our end of the course log sheet to more of a course reflection sheet. We feel that this will better help you use the information you have learned and share it with your peers and colleagues. Since we keep a transcript of every class, you no longer need to describe each of the 16 or more postings that you made and the 8 comments you included. We have this on file in case anyone would need it and it further proves your participation in the course without having to document it again in a log sheet. 


5.       Please make sure you complete each section and complete the course and instructor evaluation. This helps us in our review of courses, keep the excellent ones and make necessary improvements. We value our peers’ opinions.


E   Email completed reflection sheets to Please put your name and course title in subject line of email.


7.       Please contact if you have any questions.